Tamara Convertino

Tamara grew up on the central coast of California where she spent lots of time outdoors collecting acorns, making forts under coyote brush and playing pretend while climbing trees.  Her fondest memories from childhood, college and adulthood have one thing in common: they all take place outside.  

Tamara’s background is in Biology and Ecology. Her love of the natural sciences and children, led her to teach at several outdoor schools and finally back to graduate school to get her teaching credential and Masters in Education.  She taught middle school Life Science until she became a mother.

She is a hiker, a trail runner, a family biker, a bird watcher and an ultimate frisbee player. And she brings her daughter (6 1/2) with her on all her adventures. Even so, she has found that parenting in an urban environment can be a challenge when it comes to getting kids outside for authentic experiences. She is constantly looking for opportunities for herself and her young human to explore the natural world. This is how she found her way to Wild Child Seattle.

Amanda Romeo

Amanda is an experienced and dedicated teacher.  In addition to her BAs in French, International Studies, and Spanish, she has a Masters in Teaching Foreign Languages.  She taught both French and Spanish for over 10 years.

Amanda grew up in rural Indiana. Being outside immersed in nature was an integral part of her childhood experience. She loved camping, canoeing, and fishing with her family. She truly believes we live in such a beautiful part of the nation, lucky to be so close to both the mountains and ocean.  After having her own children, she knew that being outside would be central to her parenting style.


The Romeos spend their PNW summers camping, hiking and being outside as much as possible.  However, Amanda believes that getting her kids out in nature is an everyday, every-type-of-weather activity. She enjoys playing outside any chance she can get with her two children, 4 and 7 years.