Frequently asked questions

What should I expect from a day at Wild Child Seattle?

A camp day is an hour and a half. We start with our welcome song and a felt board activity to introduce the children to the day's habitat and the creatures that live there. We then go on our hike and explore our habitat, followed by snack and a story, and an art project. The story and art project are always based around the habitat we've been exploring. We end by hiking back and singing the goodbye song.

How far do you hike?

The longest hike is 1.5 miles round trip. We usual stick to hikes about a half mile long and we walk at a child-led pace. We'll let you know in the weekly confirmation email if our hike is going to be long.

Can I bring my stroller?

Some of our hikes are stroller-friendly. We'll let you know each week what type of hike we will be taking and if strollers are feasible. If you have a special circumstance that requires you to use a stroller, please contact us, and we can take an alternate route on the days that are not generally stroller-friendly.

What age children can participate?

Wild Child Seattle focuses on children aged 18 months to 7 years old, although older and younger siblings are welcome to participate. There is no cost for siblings under 18 months of age, and older siblings will be charged at the sibling rate of $50 (for the entire session).

Can our nanny, grandparents, or other caregivers come with the children?

Sure. This is a great activity for a child to do with their grandparents! A child can participate in this program with a nanny, good family friend or other family member-please email their contact info, and make sure they know we will hike and sit on the ground often.

What types of nature will we see?

We explore 5 different habitats in our camp sessions-the wetland, forest, riparian, beach and meadow. We search for the wildlife that live in all these habitats, and in the past we've seen frogs, tadpoles, dragonflies, owls, crawdads, spiders, and ladybugs, to name just a few.

Do you go out in the rain?

We go out in all weather! If your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, she or he will be comfortable enough to focus on exploring our habitat of the day. We will cancel class for dangerous conditions, such as icy roads or extreme wind in the forest.

Oh no, my kid got dirty! What should I do?

We love it when kids get dirty! It means they are really exploring and enjoying themselves. We highly recommend having a change of clothes, including shoes, in the car, that way you can feel more relaxed about your child getting wet or dirty. Some people prefer to bring their extra clothes along on the hike, and change at snack time, but this can backfire on the hike back.

What should my child wear?

At Wild Child Seattle (like other outdoor programs around the US and Scandinavia), our motto is “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” We recommend that you dress your child (and yourself) in layers regardless of season. You will also want: * something waterproof for rain and puddle stomping * a warm hat for colder months and a sun hat for summer months * rain boots when it is wet and comfortable, flexible sneakers when it’s dry

What if we miss a day?

We understand that kids get sick. You can miss and make up 3 days, and you have a year to use your makeups. If you are having a problem with your session, please talk to us, and we can work something out.

Are missed classes refundable?

We offer a generous make-up policy (1 year to make-up individual classes), but missed classes are non-refundable. If there are extreme circumstances, fees can be transferred to a future session.

What is your cancellation policy?

Wild Child Seattle reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment (minimum of 4 students). Registrants will be notified by email 1 week prior to the start of class and refunded by check within 1 week of the start date.

What should we bring?

Please bring a snack and water, a jacket, a hat, sun protection and a change of clothes.

Can I register for a class already in progress?

If there are are spaces available, you may register for a session already underway. Please contact us and we can prorate the class for you and your child.

Is every session the same?

Children feel safe and succesful when there is repetition. There are elements of every class and session that will stay the same and feel familiar. However, each session is different depending on the season and tailored to the age range of children enrolled.